Experimental medial circus performace

Artistry, music, animation and programming are interwoven into a synthesis of the arts. Thereby, reality and animated fiction are conjoined throught dance by hula-hoop artist, interactive elements flow into the music and projection, making each show a unique visual experiment. A colourful and explosive experience!

This project was presented as Interactive Installations On The Way an Genius Loci Festival Weimar 2017.


FullDome Interaction

360-degree interactive video at the Zeiss Planetarium, Jena

With video by Raphael Schard and sound by Julian Becker, this multimedia experience projects every visitor as a fish on the dome of the Zeiss Planetarium, where they float among the beams of light.

This work was presented at the FullDome Festival and Kirchentag 2017 in Jena.


Experimental and interactive music video ‘I DO, WE DO’

In collaboration with the music label Sonar Kollektiv GmbH and the artist Marlow an interactive web site has been generated. On this web page WebGL and Tree.js create a controllable 3D adventure from a 2D video. It is possible to navigate with the mouse and to watch the video in full screen.

This work was presented as an installation at the backup_festival 2016 in Weimar.



Archive(s) is an audiovisual installation

The idea of the installation was conceived with Tania Palamkote. The work is a cube in a space in which, by means of interaction, selected audio files from the Archive of Spoken German can be heard, stored and recombined. Outside the cube the collected voices can be heard, complemented by a projection with words and sentences of the collected and stored material.

 The artists tackle archive theories of Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida and present it in their own digital interpretation of Sigmund Freud’s note on the „Wunderblock“, a mystic writing pad.

The whole installation is based an web technology. The getUserMedia API allows the device microphone to connect to the system to build new audio files.

This project was presented at the annual exhibition „summaery2016“ at Bauhaus-University, Weimar.

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