Interactive web animation panorama

This panorama created with WebGL, combines the sketches of students and gives the viewers the opportunity to explore different perspectives and independently set the video area to move.

The composition was combined with Jonathan-David Wedler. The music is by Sandra Reyes. In the installation, the drawings and animations of Justine Barthel, Katja Bliß, Had Boureslan, Luise Bollmann, Tobias Boettger, Xinyu Gao, Nina Hopf, Mona wedge, Elham Masoumi, Jenia Mokhtari, Laura Josefine Nitsche, Sandra Reyes, Jonas Steinberg, Sina Stolp , Rika Tarigan, Jonathan David Wedler, Richard Weigert were used. The programming is based on Three.js Examples.

This animation was projected on three screens to be presented in the form of a Panorama at the annual exhibition „summaery2016“ at Bauhaus-University, Weimar.



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