Accordion orchestra Euphonia e.V. — Berlin

Website for the Berlin Accordion Orchestra Euphonia.

Mimesis Relaunch

In cooperation with the studio Happy Little Accidents.

Ärztehaus Donaustrasse – Memmingen

Medical Center Website

This website is designed to give quick information about doctors and medical practices at the medical center on Donaustraße in Memmingen, and presents the medical center’s magazine.

Concept and design by Jakob Aschenbach.

Identität & Erbe

Website for a group of scientists

This project was created together with the studio Happy Little Accidents. With numerous functions and page layouts the complex website serves as a platform for representation and cooperation.

Finanzsystem und Gesellschaft

Website for a scientist group from Frankfurt am Main

In co-operation with the studio Happy Little Accidents, a website for tellphones, tablet and desktop was developed and optimized.  For this project, a new calendar was programmed to match the needs of customers.



Website for young Berlin real estate broker

Concept was developed by a Berlin designer Martin Lang. The focus of this site is the presentation of real estate property through photo and video gallery. Realized in one page application with approach from AJAX technology.


Happy Little Accidents Relaunch

Website relaunch of the design studio Happy Little Accidents.

Particular to this web project is the way of displaying all inputs in a flexible three column layout. The content of every single article can be optionaly arranged in the three columns. A list with a filter function and a picture index cluster gives an overview of all articles.

Happy Little Accidents


Preliminary website for an artist and musician

In collaboration with Luise Bollmann a small website was created. This page presents the most important information quickly and playfully.


preliminary site


Web site of an experimental music ensemble

The design of the web page developed by the studio Happy Little Accidents also contains experimental and musical aspects. The technical challenge consisted of programming the header animation with a generative pattern, the navigation with the ‚accordion effect‘ an the audio player regarding the specific design.


Medien und Mimesis

Programming of the website for the research unit ’Medien und Mimesis’ (’media and mimesis’).

This site was developed in cooperation with the studio Happy Little Accidents.

The challenge of this project was the starting animation referring to the logo of the research unit. By repeating the writing „Medien und Mimesis“ in interaction with the frame of the browser window a generative pattern is formed.

Medien und Mimesis


Website for book series ‚brücken‘

This page gives an easy overview of the series and helps to find detailed texts when interested.

Silke Opitz

Website for an art historian, writer of art related essays and books, lecturer and exhibition curator

On first sight, the concept of the studio Happy Little Accidents presents the website in a frame. Each side of the frame can be opened with a 3D effect, transmitting the feeling of entering in a room with the possibility to delve into the content.

Silke Opitz


Website for a professional clown

This website was developed together with the designer Sarah Mund. What is special about it is the use of the slide effect to get to the different parts of the site. The web page is optimised for computer and mobile devices.


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